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EaP Leadership Programme

Sweden and the Eastern Partnership countries build capacity for sustainable development

The Sustainability Leadership Programme – Localizing SDGs in the Eastern Partnership Countries is a tailor-made leadership programme designed for Belarussian, Georgian and Ukrainian regional and local government officials, politicians, and civil society organisation representatives.

The programme is financed by the Swedish Institute.

December 2021

Local leadership for sustainable development

The 2030 Agenda includes ambitious goals and targets. The sub-national level – cities, municipalities and regions – are key to successfully achieving the agenda by 2030.

The Sustainability Leadership Programme therefore aims to strengthen the capacity of key stakeholders on local and regional levels to translate global goals into local action and integrate the SDGs into regional and local development strategies and action plans.

“I could learn from other peers, and this exchange of experience is one of the most important elements of any program”

Programme participant

“​​The Sustainability Leadership programme fully met my expectations. I’ve got new experience, new ideas, new “fresh” air for the further activities”

Programme participant

The 2030 Agenda through co-operation

To solve the complex sustainability challenges, the 2030 Agenda calls upon close cooperation between different levels and sectors of society.

The Sustainability Leadership Programme builds on the potential of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and aims to support multi-level governance and strengthening capacities of Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine to implement SDGs on sub-national levels.

The programme is an opportunity for key actors to develop networks, capacity and engage in knowledge exchange with national and international peers.


The programme

The Programme is organised into three modules that will increase participants’ skills for sustainability leadership by providing practical tools, knowledge and best practices on strategic planning processes, planning and co-creation of the public services, setting targets and indicators for monitoring the progress and communication of the results and outcomes. The current programme is implemented between 2020-2021 and hosts 30 participants from the region.

In addition, Swedish peers have participated in the programme activities. In addition to providing the participants with knowledge, tools and networking opportunities, the programme will also develop recommendations for how national and international donors better can support the localization of SDGs in Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine.

“The SLP fully satisfied my expectations: to learn new methods of sustainability work, to find new information, and to meet new colleagues”

Programme participant

“My expectations were fully met, as I get acquainted with experiences of many countries and many local communities in promoting the SDGs, their challenges and successes”

Programme participant