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“Trade unions, climate change and climate action!”

Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki

6 november, 2021

“Trade unions, climate change and climate action!”

Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki: Trade unions, climate change and climate action! – Trade union perspectives on Just Transition, labour markets and climate policies

The magnitude of the transition required is difficult to grasp. It is perfectly clear however that as the characteristics of production change as a result of climate policy, workplaces will also change, or at worst disappear. Our basic premise is therefore that any transition must be just.

Trade unions have played a prominent role as drivers of structural change before. This seminar will demonstrate and provide with some samples on how climate action is connected to collective bargaining and traditional trade union work and why this a key element of Just Transition.


  • Dr. Philipp Fink, Director of the Nordic Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung


  • Antti Palola, president of STTK Finland and the Council of Nordic Trade Unions
  • Tove Ahlström, CEO, Global Utmaning, Sweden
  • Jaana Ylitalo, Collective Bargaining Director, Service Union United PAM  Finland
  • Frederik Moch, Director Structural Policy, Industry and Services, German  Trade Union Confederation DGB
  • Chloe Bourguignon, Member of the European Trade Union Confederation Youth Committee


The broadcast will start at 08:45 (CET). Kindly register here to follow it.

Organizers: Council of Nordic Trade Unions (NFS) and Global Utmaning

Others involved: The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and German Trade Union Confederation (DGB)