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Sweden's path to zero-net

Focusing on the social aspects of the climate transition

The research programme FAIRTRANS has been awarded a grant totalling SEK 40 million from Mistra and the Swedish research council Formas. With Stockholm University as its main applicant, the project will look beyond the technical aspects of the climate transition, bringing a stronger focus on the social dimensions of this transformation.

The programme will have the duration of four years and gather a consortium of organisations including the University of Gävle, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Lund University, Uppsala University, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, AI Sweden, Fossil Free Sweden, the Swedish Federation of Business Owners, the Swedish association of tenants Hyresgästföreningen, the federation of consumer co-operatives Kooperativa Förbundet, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Swedish Investors for Sustainable Development, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees and the independent think tank Global Challenge (“Global Utmaning”, in Swedish).

Sweden’s road to zero — in partnership with civil society

In close collaboration, these organisations will take the lead in different work packages of this research programme. One of these packages relies on liaising with consumer co-operatives, environmental organisations, trade unions and other entities that mobilise large sectors of society. Global Challenge has already established partnerships with many of these organisations. In FAIRTRANS, Uppsala University and Global Challenge will mostly work with engaging with several popular movements so as to increase knowledge on the consequences that the shift to a fossil-free future will entail. Researchers and civil society will team up to create insights in the style of popular science. Redan idag har Global Utmaning etablerade samarbeten med fokus på Sveriges klimatomställning med många av organisationerna.

A just transition

The vision of FAIRTRANS is to generate a societal transformation that helps us to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, with respect for planetary boundaries and social objectives. Developing socially accepted climate measures is a substantial part of the programme. The work will be based on the programme’s development of a carbon budget in line with the Paris Agreement.

Together, academia, civil society and other stakeholders, with their different perspectives, will devise scientifically-based strategies and frameworks that are perceived as fair and effective.



Hurdles and solutions

In the work package led by Global Challenge, the following deliverables are planned:

  • An inventory of pull and push-factors that explore innovative and specific alternatives when it comes to climate policy and governance.
  • Policy recommendations which are based on science and social justice.
  • Engaging with civil society so as to determine a common vision and strategies for a just transition to a fossil-free society.

The method includes producing reports and policy recommendations, participating in media debate through op-eds, for instance, as well as workshops and seminars. A common manifest for a new social contract is also planned, with a domestic and international scope. Bland de planerade leveranserna finns även ett manifest för ett nytt samhällskontrakt i en postfossil värld – både på nationell och internationell nivå.

Financing partners: