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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Global Challenge (“Global Utmaning”, in Swedish) is a think tank that formally operates as a Sweden-based member association. We create meetings, seminars and publish reports as well as participate in the media debate so as to speed up the transformation of our societies ensuring a sustainable future. In our privacy policy, we explain how we treat personal data, why and how you proceed should you wish to change your personal data or request us to delete it. Global Challenge manages personal data in accordance with the EU data protection directive GDPR (as of 25th May 2018).

Parties and responsibilities for management of personal data 

Our organisation is registered as “Global Utmaning”, organisation number 802441-7175, at the address Birger Jarlsgatan 57c, 11356 Stockholm, Sweden. Our organisation is the personal data controller when it comes to the association’s operations.

Why do we manage personal data?

So that Global Challenge can fulfill its mission, personal data – connected to its operations – are treated. 

Global Challenge treats personal data to manage activities such as meetings and events, communications with those who show interest in its operations through newsletters, invitations and correspondence with its senior advisors and members. We also treat personal data from our employees. We collect mostly e-mail addresses, but sometimes also names, titles and the name of the organisation which a person represents. On specific occasions, we also collect telephone numbers. We collect such information from you, from your employer, and, in some cases, from information made available publicly.

Our organisation also treats personal data when we apply for financing from foundations and governmental agencies.

Our association acts as a personal data controller when it comes to data collected in connection with:

  • Management of membership in our organisation 
  • Administration
  • Participation in our events
  • applications for grants and financing
  • Statistic and reporting of results
  • our annual report
  • invitation to our events
  • registration for our events
  • contact with panel guests who we invite to participate in our events
  • documentation and communication of our events through text, video or photography
  • website traffic
  • publishing of material on our website and on social media

Which personal data do we share? 

We share personal information with companies providing digital tools to manage contacts, the reason for this being facilitating administration and communication when we send information or invite people to register for our events. Those companies abide by the GDPR legislation and we do not share personal data with third parties. Access to such data is limited to the staff of Global Challenge.

If you wish to unsubscribe to our invitations you can inform us here.

For how long do we save your personal data? 

We save the data for as long as there is a reason to. If you wish us to delete your personal data, please notify us on the e-mail and we will delete it.

What are your rights?

You have the right to know which data we treat pertains to you. You have the right to know which data our organisation manages. Upon your request, our organisation can issue a report of all personal data pertaining to you which we have saved.

You have the right of having your data rectified if such data is incorrect, incomplete or misleading. You also have the right to have your data deleted.

You can also exercise your rights by requesting access to them or rectification or deletion. You may limit or oppose the use of your data. Please contact our offices at or +46 (0)8-787 2150 to exercise your rights. Additionally, you have the right to file a complaint on how our association treats your data. Please contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (

Changes in our Privacy policy 

Global Challenge reserves the right to change its Privacy policy by publishing a new, revised policy on this website.

Would you like to know more?

If you have questions about how our association treats personal data or wish to exercise your rights, please contact our offices at