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CIRCULAR BALTIC 2030 – Circular Economy in the BSR and Beyond

A collection of good practices on circular economy in the Baltic Sea Region and globally.

Datum: 2019-06-01

Författare: Joel Ahlgren

How can the principles of circular economy be applied to the Baltic Sea Region? Circular Baltic 2030 aims to answer this question by showcasing 28 different good practices on the circular economy in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Cities, firms, regions, countries and organisations that all serve as inspiration for others actors in the region and globally visualize contemporary trends within the circular economy, and emphasise the need for a circular transitioning to reach the sustainability goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. The report discusses how the economic advantages of circular systems goes hand-in-hand with the social and environmental goals of the 2030 Agenda. This publication was developed as a part of the EU strategy forum for the BSR, which took place in June 2019 in Gdansk, Poland. The report received funding from the EU’s Interred Baltic Sea Region Programme and Baltid Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC).

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