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Women Leaders – empowering social entrepreneurs

The anthology gathers obstacles for female entrepreneurs and presents solutions for a way forward.

Datum: 2021-12-01

Författare: Tove Ahlström, Alice Mamaga Akosua Amoako, Sheila Osei Bakye, Heaven Bereket, , Sofia Breitholtz, Smile Dzisi, Cecilia Fiaka (Nneka Youth Foundation), Adwoa Fosua (Women’s Haven Africa), Josephine Godwyll (Young At Heart), Amma Gyampo (ScaleUp Africa), Yawa Hansen-Quao (Leading Ladies’ Network), Janat Issifu (Women’s Advocacy Network), Catharina Nystedt Ringborg (Global Challenge), Anna Svahn (Antiloop Hedge) and Nancy Sumari (The Jenga Hub)

The Women Leaders: Empowering female entrepreneurs anthology gathers the topics raised in the Women Leaders initiative. The anthology is divided into six chapters covering the following themes: hinders for female entrepreneurs; social entrepreneurship as a catalyst for change; the need of research and data; leadership as the basis for economic empowerment; social entrepreneurship and leadership in the context of technology and innovation; and women’s leadership in the context of the climate crisis. The authors present their views on the obstacles at hand and present recommendations for action to create change.

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Women Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana and the Sustainable Development Goals

Chapter 3 in this anthology draws from an academic study by its author, Smile Dzisi, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Koforidua Technical University. Kindly note that Prof. Dzisi is responsible for the content of this paper, whose standpoints do not necessarily match the ones of Global Challenge and/or Reach for Change.

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