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Global Challenge (“Global Utmaning”, in English) is an independent think tank derivering analysis and developing policy. Through dialogue and Communications, we help spread our fact-based insights with organisations in the business sectors, academia, politics and civil society. We were founded in 2005.

How we are financed

We openly disclose the companies and organisations (e.g. foundations, public agencies, companies and other organisations) which make our work possible. A diverse mix of financing sources helps us keep our independence. Among the organisations who have financed Global Challenge are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, the Nordic Council of Ministers, Sida – the Swedish government’s agency for development co-operation, the Swedish Institute, the Adecco Group, Union to Union, Vinnova or White Arkitekter.

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If your company plans to strengthen its sustainability work by supporting an organisation addressing our society’s most pressing challenges, you are welcome to book a meeting with our CEO, Tove Ahlström (Photo: Ewa Malmsten Nordell).