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Sweden’s path to zero-net

Our projects for en efficient and fair transition

So that Sweden manages to achieve its climate goal of net-zero emissions in 2045, a fact-based transition plan, new revised policies and engagement of the civil society are needed. Within its two largest projects ever, the independent think tank Global Challenge (“Global Utmaning”, in Swedish) focuses on removing hurdles and fostering citizen participation, so politicians have improved conditions to make much-needed decisions.

Co-creation with civil society organisations is key in the projects the Climate Agenda and FAIRTRANS.

The Climate Agenda

The Climate Agenda (“Klimatagendan”, in Swedish) is an independent collaboration platform and accelerator for climate change mitigation. We gather key actors in business, politics, and society behind a powerful – and fair – green transition in line with Sweden’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2045.

The Climate Agenda was launched in 2020 and will be delivered by late 2022, when a general election is scheduled in Sweden. Behind this initiative are Global Challenge, Material Economics and ClimateView. Klimatagendan består av tre viktiga delar: analys, policyutveckling och folkbildning i samarbete med bl.a. fackliga organisationer och folkbildningsrörelsen.

FAIRTRANS – a just transformation

The research programme FAIRTRANS has been awarded a grant totalling SEK 40 million from Mistra and the Swedish research council Formas. With Stockholm University as its main applicant, the project will look beyond the technical aspects of the climate transition, bringing a stronger focus on the social dimensions of this transformation. Global Challenge will build on its network of Swedish civil society organisations, such as unions, co-operatives and other popular movements.