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Swedish housing policy for social inclusion

How do we solve the housing crisis?

The housing situation in Sweden has become increasingly precarious for large groups and can not be described as anything other than a crisis. The housing issue has been given increasing space in the public debate, but strategies for resolving the housing issue are still lacking. The think tank Global Challenge (“Global Challenge”, in Swedish) wants to contribute to breaking the political deadlock by creating a platform for constructive dialogue about solutions and strategies for socially inclusive housing policies.

Counteract segregation and housing shortages

Housing is fundamental for the individual as the basis for a decent life, but also for sustainable societal development both locally and globally. The lack of a coherent housing policy has, among other things, led to a widespread housing shortage, increased segregation and deepened the gaps between urban and rural areas. Future housing policy must reflect that housing is a fundamental right, both according to the Swedish constitution but also international conventions on human rights.

Cross sectoral and multidisciplinary collaboration and co-creation is key for moving forward on the housing issue. All stakeholders – public sector, politics, business, research and civil society, must be involved in shaping sustainable policies that leaves no one behind.

A platform for constructive dialogue

Through the project “A new housing policy for Sweden”, Global Utmaning initiates a new platform to ensure that future construction and housing contribute to long-term sustainable development. The platform will promote collaboration between all relevant actors and enable solutions throughout the country. Genom satsningen En ny bopolitik för Sverige tar Global Utmaning initiativet till att skapa en ny plattform för att säkerställa att framtidens byggande och boende bidrar till en långsiktigt hållbar utveckling. Plattformen ska främja samverkan mellan alla berörda aktörer och göra det möjligt att lösa bostadsfrågan i hela landet.

How it started

The initiative rests on a solid foundation, through the proposals formulated in the anthology A new platform fpr solving the housing issue (in Swedish) and the conclusions from the series of policy dialogues collected in the publication A social housing policy for Sweden (in Swedish), and from the report Social bonds – tools for an inclusive adjustment (in Swedish).

With an aim on the Swedish general election in 2022, Global Challenge continues to engage in dialogue with politics and the housing market parties with the aim of broadening the housing issue and breaking the political deadlock.

Sweden needs a new socially inclusive housing policy that heals past wounds and creates a sustainable future for the whole country.