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The Nordic civil society network

An integrated and sustainable region

A stronger voice for civil society in the Nordics

Civil society has played an important role supporting the devolpment of democracy, community education and regional co-operation. As the Nordics face unprecendented challenges, these organisations can, once again, take on a crucial role. As part of the strategy which aims at transforming the Nordic region into the world’s most connected and sustainable hub, the Nordic co-operation ministers have established a network of around 40 civil society organisations.

Global Challenge (“Global Utmaning”, in Swedish) has been appointed the co-ordinator of this hub.

The Nordics as a sustainable and integrated region

“Our Vision 2030” is The Nordic Council of Ministers‘ strategy aiming at making the region the most sustainable and integrated one in the world by 2030. The Nordics have everything to win In the on-going global work towards a shift into a sustainable society and, with the right conditions, the region is well-equipped to lead and inspire others.

The civil society network was established by the ministers for Nordic co-operation through The Nordic Council of Ministers, so as to support the vision and strengthen the collaborations among these organisations.

The Nordic Council of Ministers works to strengthen the voice and participation in the Nordic co-operation – that is why we have decided to found this civil society network. It is important for the civil society to be heard and be active and that politicians will let the network inform the decisions they make in the Nordic context..

Paula Lehtomäki, Secretary-General, The Nordic Council of Ministers


This civil society network gives us a unique opportunity to strengthen our contacts with and within the Nordic countries and to allow the civil society take on a clearer role supporting the region as it becomes the world’s most sustainable and integrated hub. As co-ordinators our ambition is to support this network so that it becomes its own hub of Nordic organisations which reviews, inspires and challenges the work of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Joel Ahlgren, Head of Programme, Sustainable cities, Global Challenge


Global Challenge leads this work

The Nordic Council of Ministers has appointed Global Utmaning as co-ordinator of the civil society network for a period of four years.

Our ambition is to create meaningful collaborations between the member organisations so as to strengthen the scope of influence of the Nordic civil society in regards to the development of this region.

An integrated and sustainable region through cross-sectoral collaboration

The Nordic network will amplify the voice of the civil society and function as an meeting place for knowledge exchange across different sectors. In the upcoming years, meetings in different constellations will be arranged both digitally and physically. This network will have the ability to address common challenges and exchange knowledge and bets practices.

In addition, these organisations will be able to participate in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ processes and contribute with insights and reviews.