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#UrbanGirls Handbook

Av Elin Andersdotter Fabre, Emelie Anneroth & Caroline Wrangsten

#UrbanGirlsMovement: A global guide to participatory public space planning & design. Results from #UrbanGirlsMovement.

#UrbanGirlsHandbook is a guide to inclusive urban planning. The handbook explores the process from #UrbanGirlsMovement to show how feminist urban planning can lead to improved living conditions for society at large. These are the results from #UrbanGirlsMovement, where we have composed a handbook featuring the results from the pilot case #UrbanGirlsMovement Botkyrka, lessons learned from the entire initiative, as well as guidelines and policy recommendations for implementing parties and local, regional, national and global policy-makers. The aim of this handbook is to provide the reader with the necessary arguments and tools to challenge set norms in your specific urban development context. Dare to dream of cities for all. GU-report 2019:7

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