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#UrbanGirlsMovement Catalogue and Handbook launch

#UrbanGirlsMovement Catalogue and Handbook launch

The final results from #UrbanGirlsMovement were shared with Swedish and international stakeholders during an international conference on UN’s World Cities Day. The results in form of policy recommendations and guidelines were handed over by the Urban Girls to decision-makers from Botkyrka municipality, Stockholm region, the national level and UN-Habitat.

#UrbanGirlsMovement seeks to improve girls’ and young women’s living conditions in rapidly growing, socio-economically vulnerable urban areas, through feminist urban planning techniques. The fundamental idea of the project is that urban planning is an underutilised tool for bringing about more equal societies.

The initiative is based on the notion “plan the city for girls, and it will work for everyone”. We are convinced that prioritising young women and girls in urban development is crucial for public spaces, cities and societies to become more inclusive and thus more sustainable.

Throughout the local innovation labs, young girls are given the opportunity to design and realise visions of a more equal urban public space. They are given an official voice in urban planning for a more equal urban environment.

We are now evaluating our process with the aim to create an open-source interactive digital platform to gather all tools for the use of others, creating a digital user-friendly #UrbanGirlsToolbox.

#UrbanGirlsToolbox will be a flexible tool to face issues of segregation and inequality; the goal is to develop an approach that can be adjusted regardless of geographical location. The toolbox will use new technologies such as ”mixed reality” and advanced data visualisation to make design and urban planning more accessible and easily understood. It will also be a way of promoting dialogue with groups that are difficult to reach in traditional participatory processes; i.e. the most excluded. The pilot municipalities will differ based on an analysis of needs, to ensure that the methods are applicable and scalable in areas facing diverse challenges.

By creating a platform based on the methods and lessons learned from the #UrbanGirlsMovement, and making the platform available for unlimited use by all interested parties, the toolbox becomes a reference point and an easy-to-use tool for municipalities and other actors who wish to incorporate inclusive and norm-critical citizen influence.

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