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Towards Net Zero: reducing consumption-based emissions!

Sweden has both a responsibility and an opportunity to reduce its consumption-based emissions and there are many relatively simple measures that are yet to be implemented. Setting goals and implementing policy instruments is the first step in addressing the climate impact of consumption and creating sustainable Swedish consumption.

Datum: 2022-04-07

Författare: Robert Höglund

As the Swedish parliamentary Environmental Objectives Committee presents its suggestions for targets to reduce emissions from Swedish consumption, Sweden may become the first country in the world to have set targets for consumption emissions.

Global Challenge (Global Utmaning, in Swedish) has been part of advocating for this change and we applaud that the committee proposes a net-zero target for Swedish consumption emissions and that the target should be incorporated into the Swedish climate framework. To make sure the target can be reached, sectoral sub-targets should be introduced together with the necessary policies to reduce consumption.

In this report (first published in Swedish in November 2021) we present recommendations for such targets and policies and present several possible ways to address greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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